Monday, September 8, 2008

Madelyn & James - Aug 2008

It was an absolute pleasure to cover the wedding for Madelyn & James they are a great couple. Normally, I never photograph weddings without having met the prospective bride & groom beforehand, for a couple of reasons. In this situation however, I have known Madelyn's parents for many years and when her Mum Trisha chose me to do the wedding pictures after looking at this blog, speaking with me and seeing me work at a couple of other weddings, I was more than happy to do the pictures for them. I found them to be a wonderful young couple and nothing seemed to be too much trouble at all. They were married in Carlingford and had some pictures on Sydney Harbour and the reception was at the glorious state library known as the Mitchell library, which is very historic and a delightful place to have a wedding reception. The guard at the front desk said to me that they don't have many weddings there. I had not been there in many years. I am grateful for having been asked to capture this day for them and hope they find a lifetime of joy and happiness together.