Monday, December 29, 2008

Meg & Gavin Nov 2008

This was a lovely wedding to cover at the end of November. Meg and Gavin are tremendous people. I had covered the wedding of Gavin's sister some time ago and was asked to go and meet with them where they also chose me to cover their special day. In their package I included some pre wedding shots which they had made up into cards that were like bomboniere on each of the place settings at the reception, they went over like a treat. See below) The trouble with putting pictures up here on the blog for people to see is picking only a few to display here when there are so many I like - in most of the weddings I do these days I am averaging between 600-900 high quality images that the couple all end up with. I can honestly say, that there is not one single wedding I have covered that I am not very pleased with. I am proud of them all, and try on each occasion to show a little of the event and try to convey something of the style and beauty that I see within each of these couples. Meg and Gavin are no exception, their maturity, wisdom and friendship was delightful. The father of the groom indicated in his speech, That after the wedding comes the marriage (ATW-CTM), hence the number plate letters were changed on the car shot below. That speech alone will long live in my memory as one of the best I have ever heard at a wedding. There were many contented people who all felt as though we were part of a special night and inspite of the torrential downpour we received during the reception, there was much warmth and love for the Bride and groom within Araluen's lovely walls.