Sunday, June 29, 2008

Holly & Spencer - June 2008

Holly & Spencer are a wonderful couple who wanted images that were different and out of the ordinary. It was a different wedding from the norm I cover, and I loved the uniqueness of their day which caused me to "look" at their day with "new" eyes.
I loved the variety and challenge that the difference created. They got married in Carlingford and then went their separate ways to their respective homes to get properly attired and coiffed for their photo shoot and reception. Some 5 hours later the Groom and his men arrived at the brides house, where they all hopped in the Limo and went to La Perouse in the city's eastern most outskirts and had some amazing pictures. I experimented with silhouettes and came up with a couple of winning shots I believe. I am very proud and pleased with these images. The reception was held at Victoria House in Bexley. I found them to be a wonderful couple and enjoyed creating these images for them. I know they will have a life filled with joy and happiness. They both knew what they wanted and got it! Thanks for choosing me and Timeline to cover your special day, Have fun in Thailand!! They have almost 800 images in total, some of which I have shared here today.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Sarah & Anthony - 2006

I am going to start mixing some previous weddings together with the more current ones I cover here on the blog. I am doing this so that clients and people generally can get a broader view of the different wedding styles I have covered. The first of these previous weddings I will feature is of Sarah & Anthony.

This couple chose me to cover their wedding ceremony and part of the reception without actually having met me. They saw my images sent on email, before my blog was set up and spoke to me on the phone and were satisfied I would be the person to cover their wedding. Their choice for me was made, in no small measure, to the recommendation of me from a dear lady called Emma, who was their good friend who had known and seen me work. Like the wedding of Clarence and Chris below this one, it was a short wedding but lovely. It was held on the upstairs balcony of the Bathers Pavillion at Balmoral beach on Sydney's North. It is a very lovely venue and the couple whom I met on the actual wedding day and their guests, were wonderful people. I was grateful to take these images for them, which they loved.