Sunday, June 15, 2008

Charmaine & Christian - May 2008

I have known Christian for many years and when he met his bride Charmaine, they chose to have Timeline take their photos. Charmaine & Christian are very much in love, it is marvelous and sickening to watch! hehehe just kidding. It appears that they have truly found their soul mates in each other - which is wonderful. These images were taken by Rebecca, a wonderful young lady who I have been working with and helping discover her photographic expression and I mastered them and am pleased to present these here on the blog. The Wedding was at the Latter-Day Saint Temple in Carlingford NSW, whilst the pictures and reception were held at Lachlans in Old Government House located in the historic centre of Parramatta Park.


The Howard Oldies said...

Beautiful - proud of you Rebecca - it looks as though you have the eye for photography! Nan and Pop

Craig Peihopa said...

Thanks for that, I am also proud of her work as well.