Monday, November 4, 2013

Dianna & Ben OCT 2013 .....COMING SOON!!

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Wedding of Dianna Corcoran to her Beau Ben last week and will be posting pictures up here real soon!!! Dianna (Corky, Polly) is such a wonderful person who happens to be a professional Country Music singer in Australia, who mostly resides in Nashville, Tenn. in the USA these days and I am really a big fan and was honoured that she asked me to cover her wedding. I will post pics soon....well, as soon as she does! I CAN however show where they were married at Pokolbin situated in the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW. I loved the Roberts Restaurant and want to create a house just like it. It was a little reminiscent of a Hobbit house...LOVE IT!!

Benji Marshall and Zoe Balbi's Byron Bay Wedding

I have just seen what I believe is one of the most beautiful wedding videos I have come across. I have seen a lot and forget Benji Marshall's celebrity and football prowess, this video on its own merits is amazing. It has obviously been shot over several days and hides a great deal of work behind the scenes but WOW! They make it look easy.

Have a Look Here!