Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vicki & Andrew - April 2008

This was a small and special wedding of two people who have been together already for some time. 2008 being a leap year where woman are supposedly given the opportunity to ask a man to marry, Vicki took that opportunity and proposed to Andrew. I love Vicki's sense of fun and spirit. She and Andrew have really found the ultimate in a relationship, a companion and friend. It was evident and obvious at each point of their looking and communicating. It is a rare find and I am proud to have come to know these fine people. Vicki is the mother of a lady whose wedding I photographed around 18 months ago. The wedding and reception took place inside Vicki & Andrews home in Castle Hill and was a beautiful occasion. I am proud to have created these images. Thank you both.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tara & Michael - April 2008

I had photographed the wedding of Tara's sister Keira some 2 years ago, and Tara had expressed a desire to have me cover her wedding as well. It was a very simple and beautiful wedding. Tara looked radiant and displayed an innocence and beauty that was just gorgeous. I am confident that she and Michael will have a long and happy life together. She was so excited and the pictures show her happiness I feel. The shots taken at home would be amongst the best pictures where her bridesmaids, parents and grandparents were on hand with a few others to be a part of the vibe that set the tone for this wonderful day. The pictures were taken at home in Glenmore Park, they were married at the weir park in Emu Plains and then we travelled to Glenbrook lagoon and then to Richmond / Windsor and back to Penrith for the reception at the Happy Inn! A fitting place for a reception and wedding day end I submit. Thanks for choosing me to create these images you guys.