Monday, July 21, 2008

Christie & Marc - Jul 2008

Christie & Marc chose me to do their pictures and on the first meeting in their home I felt their warmth and sincerity. It was a great day to cover their event for them. They had their son Corey's naming day at the same time as their marriage and it was really a special atmosphere. Corey, was a little unhappy sometimes throughout the day, but no matter what, whenever someone sang Happy Birthday as he turned 1 as well, he would smile and became happy. It was interesting for me throughout the day singing Happy Birthday at a wedding, but hey it worked! Rebecca and I covered this event and I am very pleased how Springfield House seemed to shine on the day. It is a lovely reception venue, wish I owned it! A great couple, a great son, a great event and a great venue! Thanks for choosing me to cover your special day Christie, Marc and Corey! Another 800 images. Whew it's a big job to get through.


Ruby said...

800 images? Wow.
Funny about singing the happy birthday during a wedding! Hey, whatever works, right?

You documented the wedding beautifully Craig~ Great images.

Ruby said...

Oh. By the way, love your header and the sidebar pictures. Cool wedding blog~

Craig Peihopa said...

Thank you Ruby

Dean Ray said...

hello Craig, love your work, it inspires me,much like Ruby. That is amazing, as big as this world is, I am in South Carolina. I just visited Ruby's blog came to visit yours and low and behold I find Ruby again. WOW;-) Thx for stoppin' by. I pray that one day very soon, I will be able to shoot full time. "A MOMENT IN TIME"

Dean Ray said...

Hello Craig, Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging words to shoot more. I have a plethra of pictures that I have not posted. This new job that I have keeps me soooo busy and when I get home I am soooooo spent, I don't feel like working on my blog spot :~( I am going to start taking my Nikon every where I go and click away. I was doing that for a while but then I started working at Road Rescue and It takes so much out of me.

I love shooting moments in time:~)
Pictures are worth a thousand words bt the words spoken about those pictures give them life. That is what moves me to take pictures. Pictures are conversation pieces. It helps us to not forget people, places and things.

Your work compels me to shoot more and more. I want to get better and better. People like Ruby and my bud Ricki Ford and you are an inspiration to me. Thanks for these moments in time;~}

Craig Peihopa said...

You are more than welcome Dean Ray. Just remember that whatever you choose to do elsewhere, if I can borrow theline from Whoopi Goldberg's character in Sister Act, If all you can do is think about being a singer (or photographer in our case) then that's what you are.

Full time may have lots of drawbacks as well Dean Ray, never forget that we are often in places that have benefits that help us to be better than we imagine, because all we feel is the yearning for what we want, without understanding that we are already there. Be the best you can be.

Cheers my friend.

Ricki Ford said...

Craig you have been rocking it man! I love these!

Dean Ray said...

thanks Craig for the words of wisdom. that is what i try to do in everythihg that i do my Bible tells me "What ever your hand finds to do, do it with your might." sometimes we have to deal with the situation at hand while we work towards aor heart felt dream.

you are an awesome photographer and a mentor of mine. thank you.

come back to see me anytime. {A MOMENT IN TIME}