Friday, October 3, 2008

Sharon (Fono) and Herman - Sep 2008

This wedding was a lot of fun. I really enjoy islander weddings like those of the Tongans, Samoans, Maoris and fijians. They all know how to celebrate! They are people given freely to dancing and have few if any inhibitions when it comes to expressing themselves. One thing I love about them in particular is their acceptance of themselves as they are, and others as they are also. They don't seem to be afflicted with a western influence of self loathing about how they "look". These people are happy in the moment. How refreshing. As for Fono and Herman, what a wonderful couple. Fono had picked me to cover her wedding as I had covered the two weddings of her two sisters previously and they were so easy and relaxed about the day, inspite of the heat. Herman was quite the gentleman and very courteous and at great pains to ensure all that were in attendance were adequately catered for with food, drink and hospitality, even though it was his wedding day. I have tried to highlight images here that would show the colours and the overall feel of the day which was bright and comfortable. I am confident they will be truly happy together and have seen them since the wedding day together and they just seem like they are peas in a pod. They are very happy. Thank you for choosing me to cover your wedding day!