Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rachael & Stuart March 2010

This was one very organised wedding, everything was timed and planned and went according to the script. I had a lot of fun at this wedding as the bridal party were so accomodating and charming. Rachael had two main dreams in life she said, to be the perfect bride and to go to Disneyland, and in the same week she achieved both dreams. They had the wedding ceremony in a great church in Meadowbank in Sydney and the location shots and reception were at a wonderful venue in Kenthurst / Dural in the North West of Sydney at The Allegro Function centre. It is a truly magical place both photographically and in terms of their hospitality from the owner / manager right through the staff. I am very proud of all the wedding images I ever photograph and feel very proud to add these images to my portfolio. I wish Rachael and Stu a wonderful life together, they are a great couple. Lastly, if you look closely on the Queen of hearts playing cards you will see Rachael's face! and also on the flowers and card that is attached, these were sent by Stu to Rachael and have Stu's great pet dog on there as well! Both which were added by me of course, but make a very personal touch to the pictures.


Sharon said...

Absolutely beautiful bride, wedding & wedding photgraphs.