Sunday, October 4, 2009

Naomi & Darren September 09

Naomi & Darren are such a wonderful couple. These people have been so relaxed and unfazed by the whole preparation and experience. Naomi on the actual day gave no indication that she had experienced some dramas with the rings, and her engaging smile was on throughout most of the day, genuinely. I feel very gratified that they chose me to do their wedding photography, and really came to admire their bridal party and was treated with much respect and warmth. The wedding was in the All Saints church in North Parramatta, where my own sister got married in, and we went to Lake Parramatta for the pictures in the park and the reception was held at the elegant Pennant Hills Golf course. They day was fun and went very smoothly. The speeches at the reception were filled with lots of laughter and genuine warmth. A few days after the wedding I received a Thank you card from them for the day. They either sent it before they left on their honeymoon or on it. Either way, it was only the second time someone has done that so quickly, and was warmly appreciated. I know this couple is in for a great future.