Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lilipeti & Tevita April 2009

What an interesting wedding this one was. A somewhat traditional service and big bridal party, but I loved it. They were all very kind and not afraid of the camera at all. They were so happy and jovial I think the pictures will show that. I was so impressed by the calm and composure of the Bride and Groom when so many things, pressures were happening around them. They had almost 500 guests and it was truly a wonderful opportunity to see some people in attendance at the reception whose weddings I had also done previously. The food was plentiful, the happiness was abundant and everyone wanted pictures. I have done a few Tongan and Samoan weddings now and whilst I don't understand the rituals and the speeches all the time I love seeing these people just have fun, everyone is welcome at an island wedding. I hope that Lili and Tevita have the best marriage and a lot of fun in their life together, they are wonderful people who certainly have legions of support around them. Not to mention the amount of expensive Tapa (native) cloths and blankets they were given! What I loved about this wedding was the richness of tradition and colour. Just beautiful.


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