Sunday, January 4, 2009

Evelyn & James Dec 2008

What a terrific wedding this was. I have known James's parents for many years and have photographed for them for a long time. It was a great honour to be asked to cover their sons wedding. James and Evelyn were so relaxed and calm on their day it was amazing. Evelyn had been working tirelessly on the organisation of the wedding when James was overseas, and the day went off without a single hitch. The cars were lovely and the whole day was very warm and special. There are so many pictures it is humbling to go through and work on them. I have picked a few here which I think show the feeling and joy that was evident to all. Loren my assistant did some good work as well, the places we went to in the city were quiet and we had no problem at all getting and around with the stretch roller. The wedding was in Crows Nest Sydney after which we went to the heart of the city near the rocks area and then went to Araluen again in Epping. Twice in two weeks! Just a lovely wedding. Evelyn is of Peruvian heritage and James is Filipino Australian, and together they make a wonderful couple. Congratulations and all the best you guys! Thanks for choosing Timeline!