Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Helene & Charles - October 2008

What a wonderful wedding this was to be a part of. Helene and Charles are a mature couple who chose me to cover their wedding some months ago and I think we became friends quite early on. I really like Helen and Charles's down to earth disposition, courtesy and friendship. They are literally from nations half a world away, The Ukraine and Polynesia. They came together and fell in love. That love was very evident at their wedding as two people came together regardless of geography and history. They had some major sadness a week before the wedding with the passing of Helene's mother, though the happiness and joy that was evident on the night was real, they continued on with the wedding as it was her mothers wishes. Though the feelings of sadness may have been veiled, it was a genuinely beautiful celebration of life, love and happiness. The guests were all treated with cultural dancing from the Ukraine and from Polynesia and everybody loved it. There was colour, laughter and singing. This wedding struck me at it's conclusion of just how important it is to find someone in life to share your joys and life experiences with. I am a believer that there is someone for everyone, and find it incredible that people come together and find that "someone special" inspite of the obstacles. I wish Helene and Charles much happiness and a happy life together. Loren, my assistant, also really enjoyed the wedding and did a great job as well. I am confident she will remember this wedding particularly, for many years to come.