Monday, April 7, 2008

Anthea & Matthew - March 2008

Sorry if I am backtracking in the date department, it is all to do with how many images I have taken and the time it takes to get through them, to process and prepare the images ready to print. Heather & Maka only had 120 images as their reception is this weekend where as the wedding for Anthea & Matthew in this post were 600 odd to work through. Anthea and Matthew are a great couple who got married in Leura in the Blue Mountains West of Sydney a couple of weeks ago. They went to Sunset rock for their pictures and the reception was at a little cottage in Blackheath which was simply gorgeous. The surrounds and the cottage were amazing. I even saw an honest to goodness bat. Not a flying fox which are plentiful near where I live, it was the first actual small bat I had ever physically seen -wonderful creature, which must have been attracted to the food and started flying around the cottage. I really enjoyed the opportunity of being of service to Anthea & Matthew in this photographic capacity and love their images, I was grateful they chose me to create. May they have a long and prosperous life together.


Ricki Ford said...

Great job. Love the shots of the bride and groom on the mountain.

Dean Ray said...

hey dude, thx for the visit to my blog. awesome work, how you capture a moment in time. Better catch the man that is about to fall off of the rock! look forward to seeing more of your super work.

Craig Peihopa said...

Thanks Ricki and Dean. I appreciate your kind remarks.